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We have been offering superior commercial lawn and landscaping services to the Central Florida area for over 15 years,
and we continue to do so with pride and excellence!
We have assisted in Hurricane preparation and clean-up, worked hand in hand with road expansion projects which can affect the landscaping of a property, we are on site for urgent landscaping matters, and much more for our properties.
We are your complete landscaping stop for your community.

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    With over 15 years of experience, we always guarantee our service making our customers 100% satisfied.

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    We have state of the art equipment and software to make any landscaping vision a reality.

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    Service satisfaction is always our goal; that is why we have customers that have been with us for over 15 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Irrigation is the life of your landscape. Overwatering can damage your landscape, rotting the landscape at the root and causing extensive weed growth. Under watering can stress the landscaping and overall killing your landscaping. A correct balance of water is crucial for the success of your landscape.
Every landscape requires fertilizer to maintain health and vigor. The key is applying the correct fertilizer at the right time. A well-fertilized landscape will make it healthier and thicker and free from weeds and disease. Fertilizer is a critical component to having a beautiful landscape.
Although many think that mulch is a luxery/extra, it actually protects the plant beds from harsh weed growth, root rot and dry harsh soil as the mulch allows a healthy amount of moisture to remain on the plant bed.

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We are different from others because we care for each customer individually; we take pride in our work and strive to make each client happy and satisfied.

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